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This sciPAD will revolutionise what you think a biology workbook should look like. Comprehensive and engaging without being loaded with superfluous information that is outside the scope of the standard.Designed to support your teaching programme with clear diagrams, concise notes and relevant contexts to enhance and reinforce your students’ learning.

The Level 3 Biology sciPAD workbook provides comprehensive coverage of the three Level 3 Biology externally assessed Achievement Standards AS 91603 (Biology 3.3 - Responses of animals and plants), AS 91605 (Biology 3.5 - Evolutionary processes leading to speciation) and AS 91606 (Biology 3.6 - Trends in Human Evolution).

The key features of the NCEA Level 3 Biology (externals) sciPAD are:

Worked examples guide and encourage your students, enabling you to teach low-ability AND high-achieving students, while giving every student the opportunity to progress.

NCEA-style questions are provided with ‘walk-throughs’ to guide students to structure extended answers. Hints are designed to get students moving towards the top of the 8-point NCEA marking system.

Each unit ends with two pages of review activities to consolidate key terms and concepts.

Each chapter ends with a full NCEA-style exam for reinforcement, practice and preparation.

Downloadable digital versions and answers are provided to use on smart boards or through data projectors.

At 328 pages you won't find a more comprehensive, exciting, or engaging biology workbook for your students.

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