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With extensive coverage of the four internal achievement standards, AS 91521 (Physics 3.1 - Investigation), AS 91522 (Physics 3.2 - Application of physics to a selected context), AS 91525 (Physics 3.5 - Modern physics) and AS 91527 (Physics 3.7 - Response to a socio-scientific issue), this sciPAD™ provides the content and skills required to excel at this level. It is full of challenging activities, hands-on investigations, exam walk-throughs and NCEA-style exams.

This sciPAD™ promotes independent learning, offering a wide range of activities and provides students with thorough exam preparation.

The key features of this sciPAD™ include:

Worked examples to guide and encourage students, enabling teachers to reach students of all abilities, giving every student the opportunity to progress.

Numerous NCEA-style questions are provided with hints to ensure students learn how to correctly answer questions to an examination standard.

Each section ends with a full NCEA-style exam for reinforcement, practice and preparation. Full answers are provided to guide both students and teachers.

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