NCEA Level 2 Chemistry (internals) sciPAD workbook

NCEA Level 2 Chemistry (internals) sciPAD

    The Level 2 Chemistry sciPAD (internals) workbook provides comprehensive coverage of the four Level 2 Chemistry internally assessed Achievement Standards AS 91161 (2.1 - Carry out quantitative analysis), AS 91162 (2.2 Identify ions present in a solution), AS 91167 (2.7 - Oxidation - Reduction), AS 91163 (2.3 - Current Technology).

    The key features of the NCEA Level 2 Chemistry (internals) sciPAD are:

  • Each chapter is divided into manageable sections. Learning objectives are clearly specified at the start of each section.
  • Comprehensive notes and activities are designed to develop the students understanding in a supportive manner.
  • Chemical concepts are presented using language students can easily understand.Complex concepts are broken-down in a stepwise manner.
  • Numerous tried and tested practical investigations are included.
  • Downloadable digital versions and answers are provided to use on smart boards or through data projectors.
  • At 104 pages you won't find a more comprehensive, exciting, or engaging chemistry workbook for your students.

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