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Engaging activities that cater for a wide range of learning styles. sciPAD workbooks develop students’ core scientific skills.


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sciPAD workbooks are updated every year to ensure teachers are using the most relevant resources available.


Used in over 300 secondary schools throughout New Zealand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students and parents can purchase sciPADs online via our shop. Schools need to download an order form in order to purchase sciPADs at a discounted rate for their students.

In order to keep the costs of the sciPADs low, we only print what we have sold. This means we need your order by the end of November each year. Don't worry if you don't know your exact student numbers. If you order too few, or too many, we are happy to send you more, or take some back. You will be invoiced once your sciPADs arrive at the beginning of the academic year.

Yes you can. Just go to our online store. In order to qualify for discounted pricing, the minimum order is 25 copies. If you're from a small school and can't make this threshold, send us an email and we'll sort something out.

All of the sciPADs are available to view on-line. Email us and we'll arrange for you to be able to view full-scale digital preview versions.

We will provide you with an interactive digital answer book and a printable PDF completely free. We will also give your senior students access to our web-app that contains suggested answers so they can check their progress themselves on any digital device.

As long as your school has made a minimum purchase (25 copies) previously, we are happy to send you extra books at the same price.

We currently offer sciPADs covering all aspects of levels 4-8 of the New Zealand Curriculum. These include:Year 9 and 10 sciPAD Science workbooks - Called "Book 1" and "Book 2". Level 1 SCIENCE (Year 11) sciPAD workbook covering AS 90940 (Science 1.1 - Mechanics), AS90944 (Science 1.5 - Acids and Bases), AS 90948 (Science 1.9 - Genetic variation). Level 1 PHYSICS AS 90937 (Physics 1.3 - Electricity and Magnetism) AS 90938 (Physics 1.4 - Wave Behaviour) AS 90939 (Physics 1.5 - Heat). Level 1 CHEMISTRY AS 90932 (Chemistry 1.4 - Carbon Chemistry), AS 90933 (Chemistry 1.4 - Selected Elements) AS 90934 (Chemistry 1.5 - Chemical Reactions). Level 1 BIOLOGY AS 90927 (Biology 1.3 - Micro-organisms) AS 90928 (Biology 1.4 - Flowering Plants) AS 90929 (Biology 1.5 - Mammal as a Consumer). Level 2 BIOLOGY (Internals) AS 91153 (Biology 2.1 - Practical Investigation in a Biological Context) AS 91154 (Biology 2.2 - Analyse Biological Validity of Information) AS 91155 (Biology 2.3 - Adaptations of Plants or Animals to their Way of Life) AS 91158 (Biology 2.6 - Investigate a Pattern in an Ecological Community) AS 91160 (Biology 2.8 - Investigate Biological Material at the Microscopic Level). Level 2 BIOLOGY (Externals) AS 91156 (Biology 2.4 - Understanding of Life Processes at the Cellular Level) AS 91157 (Biology 2.5 - Understanding Genetic Variation and Change) AS 91159 (Biology 2.7 - Understanding Gene Expression). Level 3 BIOLOGY (Externals) AS 91603 (Biology 3.3 - Responses of plants and animals to their external environment) AS 91605 (Biology 3.5 - Evolutionary processes leading to speciation) AS 91606 (Biology 3.6 - Trends in human evolution). Level 2 CHEMISTRY (Internals) AS 91161 (Chemistry 2.1- Carry Out Quantitative Analysis) AS 91162 (Chemistry 2.2 - Identify Ions Present in Solutions) AS 91163 (Chemistry 2.3 - Chemistry Used in the Development of a Current Technology) AS 91167 (Chemistry 2.7 - Understanding of Oxidation - Reduction). Level 2 CHEMISTRY (Externals) AS 91164 (Chemistry 2.4 - Bonding, Structure, Properties and Energy Changes) AS 91165 (Chemistry 2.5 - Properties of Selected Organic Compounds) AS 91166 (Chemistry 2.6 - Understanding of Chemical Reactivity). Level 3 CHEMISTRY (Externals) AS 91390 (Chemistry 3.4 - Thermochemical Principles and the Properties of Particles and Substances), AS 91391 (Chemistry 3.5 - Properties of Organic Compounds) AS 91392 (Chemistry 3.6 - Understanding of Equilibrium Principles in Aqueous Systems). Level 3 CHEMISTRY (Internals) AS 91387 (Chemistry 3.1- Chemistry involving Quantitative Analysis) AS 91388 (Chemistry 3.2 - Understanding of Spectroscopic Data in Chemistry) AS 91389 (Chemistry 3.3 - Understanding of Chemical Processes in the World around us) AS 91393 (Chemistry 3.7 - Understanding of Oxidation-Reduction Processes). Level 2 PHYSICS (Internals) AS91168 (Physics 2.1 - Carry out a practical physics investigation that leads to a non-linear mathematical relationship), AS91169 (Physics 2.2 - Demonstrate understanding of physics relevant to a selected context), AS91172 (Physics 2.5 - Demonstrate understanding of atomic and nuclear physics).Level 2 PHYSICS (Externals) AS91170 (Physics 2.3 - Demonstrate understanding of waves), AS91171 (Physics 2.4 - Demonstrate understanding of mechanics), AS91173 (Physics 2.6 - Demonstrate understanding of electricity and electromagnetism).

Yes we do! You can download FREE technicians notes for various sciPADs here.

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    Silverback Academic Media is not like other publishers. We are a staunchly New Zealand company. Everything we do is new from the ground up and we are determined to do things differently. We want to develop a face-to-face relationship with teachers and ensure that their comments, ideas and suggestions get built into the books so that the sciPAD workbooks remain relevant to them. We want to bring our customers the best possible resources at the best possible price. Silverback Academic Media is solely focused on producing dynamic, exciting and engaging science workbooks that exceed the needs of teachers and learners.

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  • Printing our books in China, Malaysia, Singapore, or anywhere else that means your workbook comes with a massive carbon footprint.

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